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Special Needs Care (Disability)

elder with caregiverLoving Heart provides care to children and adults with special needs, physical disabilities and challenges. These individuals often need hands-on care around the clock. We will provide professional assistance to the primary caregiver as well, who is often obligated to cope with the critical responsibility of care-giving for a loved one with special needs.

Our services are best suited for:

People with Disability

We provide in-home care services to maintain a balanced and safe lifestyle for those with mobility limitations. Our experienced caregivers will be deployed to work with your family while providing non-medical personal care and housekeeping assistance. We are providing culturally sensitive and tailored care.

People with Altzheimer or Dementia

Individuals who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia can be very sensitive and oftentimes feel vulnerable because they no longer feel certainty in what they think, what they do and who they are with. With this, Loving Heart carefully trains it caregivers to give them a deep understanding of how to care for these patients. Our Alzheimer or Dementia care is designed to ease the burdens of family members and provide special care for each individual based on their health conditions and home environment.

We make the best out of our client’s capabilities so that they experience the least restraints from living a quality life at home and in their neighborhoods.

Special Needs Care

  • Assistance with ADL/IADLS
  • Showering and dressing
  • Food preparation
  • Household tasks
  • Running errand
  • Other daily living needs

For inquiries about services available in your area, please call 703-762-9999. Our staff at Loving Care Center are ready to help in every way we can!